Ingrown toenail surgery – performed under local anaesthetic for your comfort.
Minor ingrown toenails can often be treated more conservatively with cotton wool packs or plastic channels to retrain nail growth.

Verrucae or plantar warts are caused by a viral infection – treatment is dependent on many factors; age of person, number of verruca and position on foot. Treatment can be excision under local anaesthetic, needling, freezing, or chemical application.

Orthotics – shoe inserts that are custom made to correct your foot position, alter your gait pattern and rest overused tendons and muscles.

Corns and callus – painless removal of those painful thickened skin lumps or bumps.

Diabetic foot assessment – pulses checked, nerve sensation checked, general foot assessment with advice on your footcare.

Toenail treatments – thickened toenails thinned, advice on toenail infections or just plain nail cutting.

Footwear advice – we can advise you on stockist of specialist footwear – smaller sizes, larger sizes, extra depth or extra wide. We can advise on the best shoes for your feet, for your sport and where to get them.